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Calendar of Events

Marianne Pirnot

Christar Missions

Marianne serves in Grenoble, France.  She is involved with a hospitality ministry in which she meets young Muslim women and presents the gospel in a home atmosphere.



Missionaries of the Week

We are Praying for

  • Dan & Jill Droppa

  • Aaron Kizer

  • Loraine Batzel

  • Nicole Kizer

  • Steve Lesher

  • Mark Davis

  • Pat Smith

  • Wally & Emily

  • Missions Conference

  • Joanne Petrilak

  • Wade & Janet Archibald

  • Christi Robinson

  • Dave Melville

  • Chris Finnigan

  • Debbie Trumpf

  • Glenn Eldred

  • Personal revival

  • Sarah & Audrey's ministry

  • Jayson Benson

  • Ally Devine

  • The child who will receive a shoebox

  • Gabby

  • Jared

  • Tim Finnigan

  • Joe Chapman

  • Nick Swingle

  • Luciano

  • Bob Longenecker

  • Beulah Smith

  • Marie Ferris

  • Carm & Gene Smith

  • Our deacons/trustees

  • Our youth

  • Unspoken requests

  • Troubled marriages

  • Disaster & Virus Victims

  • Our persecuted brothers & sisters

  • A Christ-like spirit in our hearts, and a love for mercy-Micah 6:8

College Students

Justin Black, Daniel Grant,

Devon Counterman, Jared Kizer,

 JJ Zielinski, Katie Petrilak

People in Ministry

Jean Montgomery:

Wayne Woodlands


Our Missionary of the Week


Our Nation & Men & Women in Armed Service

Sergeant Daniel Kizer Jr. -U.S. Marines, Trooper Ricky Grant, 

President Donald Trump, his Cabinet and AG Wm. Barr. & Special Prosecutor John Durham


Our Local Government & Public Servants

E.M.T.'s, Firefighters, and Police


Praise the Lord!

A Risen and ascended Savior,

Mark Davis - positive medical news,

Opportunities in the New Year!

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